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How to: Have A LA Summer Vacay Without Breaking The Bank

Summer. Is. Here! It’s time for long warm nights, drinks by the pool and vacays with friends to make new memories. Whether you live on the west coast or have just been dying to visit—LA can be a main attraction for obvious reasons (Hello beaches! Hello beautiful people! Hello celeb sightings!!). But a summer excursion in Los Angeles can rack up some commas and ravage your budget if you’re not hip to cheap ways to maximize your experience. So we at REME wanted to give you a little crash course in spending some time in the city of lost angels—without spending every dollar you saved this year. LA has tons of amazing, affordable hangs that will make you feel like a VIP, even if you can’t truly afford to live like one.


See The Sights!

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook– this is a two-in-one. Not only is it completely free, it’s also a workout. Throw on some workout clothes, grab a friend, climb the stairs to the top and gaze over Los Angeles. This is definitely IG-worthy, so take the friend who isn’t afraid to work for your perfect angle!

Cost: FREE! (a little sweat though)


US Bank Tower- This is a newly minted addition to Los Angeles’s booming downtown area. The US Bank Tower offers a 360-degree sight-seeing experience on the 70th floor of the building. If you’re really looking for excitement, try the Sky Slide experience—slide outside of the building to the next floor below.

Cost: $19 w/o slide. $25 for timed entry w/slide.


Venice Boardwalk- You’ve definitely seen shots of this historic coastline in films, on TV and between the pages of popular magazines. No LA trip is complete without a Venice Beach moment. From beach vendors selling all types of trinkets to Muscle Beach (bring dark glasses so no one will see you staring!), this tourist attraction is totally worth the commute. You can even rent bikes and take a ride from Venice down to Santa Monica pier. There are restaurants and bars super close by so you can make a day out of it by staying in the area for dinner. Perfect place for Snapchat fun!

Cost: FREE! Bike Rental- $18


Get Cultured at LA Museums!

The Getty Museum– located right off the 405, the Getty provides guests with stunning views of West LA. After parking, you’ll take a tram up the hill to reach the museum while taking in breathtaking scenery on your way up (hello IG story!). Come for Getty’s personal art collection but stay for the beautiful gardens and deliciously fabulous lunch.

Cost: FREE! Parking- $15


Marciano Art Foundation– If you’re into contemporary art, this one is for you! Featuring artists from the 1990s to present, the Marciano Art Foundation is modern, hip and a great convo starter. This is a great stop if you’re planning to spend time with your snotty in-laws who love to boast about their friends in the art world—they’ll be super impressed that you’ve seen Olafur Eliasson’s Reality Projector installation and you’ll relish in their envy! You can also take stunning photos against the building’s wonderfully designed exterior for your mom to post on Facebook.

Cost: FREE! (but you need to reserve tickets online, they are only open Thursday-Sunday!)


The Broad­LA’s newest museum has quickly become its most popular. Close to central downtown and in walking distance of the Disney Orchestra Hall, The Broad is where all the cool kids hang out. Featuring work from Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room—this is a dope attraction for locals and visitors alike. You can book advanced tickets to skip the line (yes, there will be a line) or wear comfy shoes and people watch while you wait. You’re allowed to snap photos throughout the museum and one of the coolest spots is in the Robert Therrien exhibit where objects are definitely larger than they appear.

Cost: FREE!



These are just a few of the places that come to mind for a fun summer break on a budget here in Los Angeles. Not to mention the innumerable amounts of thrift stores (seriously, a pair of Celine glasses for $10—I can’t), comedy clubs, beaches and cute little cafes that will totally help you understand why anyone would choose to sit in traffic for 14 hours a day (internally screams). And, if you tire of the outdoors, you can always chill at home or in your AirBNB , open up your REME app and book a massage, stretch or IV therapy experience right to your front door. We’d be happy to help!


Have fun!


– The REME Team