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The Ultimate Weekend Self-Care List: An At-Home Oasis

It’s Friday at 5:01pm. You made it. You’re walking into two full days of freedom and you want to make the best of them. You walk in your front door, collapse on the couch and there you stay until Sunday night rolls around and….wait, what? Let’s not do that. You’ve got a whole 48 hours! Did you ever think about turning your home into the perfect weekend spa experience?  Well, are you thinking about it now? We’ve created the ultimate weekend self-care routine that doesn’t even require you to leave the house. First things first…


Buy yourself a comfy, oversized bathrobe.

Nothing says a spa date more than a robe that keeps you warm and cozy. Grab one that is a bit oversized so it’s easy to slide off and on for the weekend. Pick it up during the week and throw it in the dryer before your first use, thank us later…


Grab some Korean sheet masks.

These babies are easy to find, incredibly affordable and, by in large, work on every skin type. Lean towards moisturizing ingredients like avocado, honey and hyaluronic acid if you’re struggling with dry skin. Or if you’re looking for brightening, try one with acids such as BHA’s, AHA’s, glycolic or lactic—these ingredients help even skin tone and lighten hyperpigmentation. Everyone wants glowing skin, right?!


Candles…lots of candles.

Along with their ability to change the entire mood of a room, candles bring the power of aromatherapy into your space. For extra relaxation go for scents like lavender, warm vanilla and eucalyptus, they’ll ease your mind and body. And the weekend arrives…slip into that robe, light the candles, give yourself a quick mini-facial with your Korean sheet mask, kick your feet up and get into the rest of your personal retreat…



No emails. No group chats. No social media. You’ll never understand how much these things all affect your peace of mind until you reclaim your time and go off the grid. This is a great time to read that book you’ve been falling asleep on every night or actually watch that show your boss makes references to in every company email. The possibilities are endless when you’re not inundated with photo and video reminders of all the things you should be doing to live your best life—you’ll just be…living it.


Refresh with a REME experience.

Nothing will fill your self-love cup like a customized massage coming straight to your front door. You tell us what you need and our experts will make sure to provide it. Take 60, 75 or 90 minutes to tell your body thank you for having your back day in and day out. And if all this “me time” has you worried about getting the energy to get up on Monday, end your Sunday with one of our IV therapy sessions to give your body a boost of essential nutrients that will energize you for the week ahead.


Self-care is the way we reconnect with the needs we regularly ignore in favor of getting things done.

These are just a few ways that you can cater to yourself right in your home. However, if nothing makes you happier than being out in the world—feel free to take a day to go to your favorite restaurants, take your favorite workout classes and see the people who bring you joy. Do what makes YOU feel your best.

And nothing more.