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Introduce Wellness at Work with REME

Give back to your employees with REME In-Office Corporate Chair Massage. Harness the potential of wellness by aligning work environments and cultures with workers’ personal values, motivations and wellness needs.

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1 Automate With REME Digital Scheduling

Employees will use the REME online portal, with built-in automatic reminders, to easily schedule their In-Office Chair Massage.

2 You Can Relax, REME Has You Covered

This is an all-inclusive and transformative experience, all you need to provide is the space. No special preparation or clothing removal is necessary.

3 Stay Within Budget

You choose the frequency; a one-time company retreat, or a monthly or bi-weekly employee perk. Tell us your vision and budget, let’s create a solution together that will redefine your company culture.

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