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Kicking the New Year off Right

We always hear the phrase “New year, new me”, but often forget to follow through with it and eventually go back to our old ways. Have you ever wondered why the gym is always packed in January and February? It’s because we set goals, but we stray away from them.

Want to make it a priority to stay on track this year? Let’s take the initiative now and see how we can set goals so we successfully execute them and have an amazing, fulfilling year!


Plan for the Unexpected

As long as everything goes as planned, sticking to your goal isn’t as bad as you thought, right? If you go to bed early and wake up on time, then you have enough time to make a healthy breakfast. If you’re able to leave work on time, then you should be able to make it to the gym, shower, and have time to unwind at home. As long as we don’t accidentally press snooze, or leave late and hit traffic, it seems easy to execute our goals!

Alright, so let’s say you set a goal that you want to stick to consistently. For example: making it to 3 yoga classes a week. You start out strong, but life gets busy after a month or two and you start losing focus on the goals you set.  The next thing you know, you haven’t made it to one yoga class in over a month.

Does this sound familiar?

Unpredictability in life can be something that makes sticking to your goals difficult. How can you stay consistent? How can you keep up?

Let’s take a look at the next step!


Stick to the Schedule

Whether you work mornings or nights, it’s important to set a schedule and stick to it. We’re not saying you have to be perfect, but consistency is one of the main keys to success.

Let’s say your goal is to wake up a little earlier to make a balanced breakfast, but your job often requires you to travel. Do you forget about your goal on the days you’re out of town? Well, that’s the easy way out. To stay consistent, you could set up a meal prep of healthy fruits and veggies the night before you are set to travel so you can keep a routine.

Have you ever noticed that we use the “If-Then Technique” every day of our lives? Whether we’re deciding to eat something unhealthy or healthy, to go for a run or to just lay in bed.

For example, “If I don’t go for a run this morning, then I will go for a run after work.” This method works, too!

The “If-Then Technique” is one of the best ways to consistently stick to your routine and stay on track when life gets hectic.


 Give Yourself a Day Off

The importance of having a day off can determine whether or not you reach your goals. If you just set a goal that will take a lot of discipline and hard work, make sure to plan accordingly. Mental preparation can put you in the driver’s seat for success.

Just so you know, giving yourself the occasional “get out of jail free” card is totally on par with the “If-Then Technique” it’s just another method to make sure you’re always on your A game!


Take a look at the first five days of the #30DaysOfWellnessWithREME:

  1. Get it together. Organize something you’ve been putting off!
  2. Stretch for 10 minutes or book a stretch service with REME.
  3. 5 minutes of concentrated breathing.
  4. 30 second plank.
  5. Cut sugar for the day.

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Make this a lifestyle, each day counts!

Happy New Year!