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How To Swipe Right For A More Relaxed Life

Social media. Smart phones. Siri. Memes. There are endless avenues in today’s technologically driven world to show you how you could be doing more with the 24 hours you’re given (you know “the same 24 hours that Beyonce and Oprah have…”). They all allow you to scroll through the lives of people who are richer, more beautiful, more current on political issues, more productive at work and more successful than little ole you. Seeing an endless stream of highlight reels and #goals can really take a toll on your confidence. So, this article isn’t about anything other than finding peace right where you are—with no qualifiers. At REME, we know that life is simply about balance. We are all doing the very best we can to make every day better than the last and the only thing that will truly make the path to “living our best life” smooth—is taking the time to connect with ourselves regularly. No matter what the internet tells you, it is possible to progress without the added pressure of comparing yourself to others. And since completely unplugging isn’t totally conducive to the interconnected life we all lead—how about using your cell phone to create a more relaxed life where you can practice gratitude for the things you are getting right?


Here are 4 “you’re doing amazing, sweetie”- approved apps that can help you celebrate you.


Insight Timer

Meditation is one of the best ways to center yourself and get back on track with your internal goals. As daunting as sitting completely still and focusing your mind on nothing at all may seem—Insight Timer makes it a lot easier. You can choose meditations for everything from embracing change to compassion for others. You don’t have to be a budding yogi or meditation guru either—there are meditations as short as 5 mins that you can even do on-the-go. The guided meditations are a great way to keep your mind from freaking out and throwing lots of unnecessary thoughts your way and the app can also function as a community with the ability to add friends/family, creating a meditation journey to take on together. Relax, relate and release, darling!


White Noise

This app is all about helping you maximize any time you spend resting. And the best part about having it on your phone is that you can use it anywhere. No more carrying around a white noise machine when you travel…simply plug in your phone to an aux cord or dock and catch some much-needed zzzz’s. The best place we’ve used White Noise? On an airplane. Plug in your headphones and all of a sudden that adorable toddler who has just learned to sing all of his favorite nursery rhymes aloud disappears—VOILA!


Stress Tracker

Ooooo, this one’s really good. It’s one thing to be reactive to stress but this app helps you get proactive about recognizing what triggers it. Created by a team of psychologists and researchers using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stress Tracker, helps you identify and then actively work towards eliminating the things that make you anxious. Tracking your moods and tension sources is a great way to work towards stopping them from occurring all together.



I mean…come on, you knew we weren’t going to forget about ourselves. #selflove. The same way stress manifests in our minds, it also seeps into our bodies, which can have serious ramifications over time. Our in-home massage, stretch and IV therapy sessions can help you give your body the much-needed relief it craves. Simply open the app, choose your service and we’ll send a certified professional to your door within the hour. No, seriously, you don’t even have to move. We bring everything that’s needed for your session and you can decide where in your home, office or vacation rental you feel most comfortable. And we’ll do the rest. Because we like you so much, we’re also offering a special code to redeem your first service with us. Just type in WELCOME20 when booking your session and receive 20% off your first massage or stretch service! It’s that easy.


Listen, we know life isn’t always a cakewalk but we also know that you’re a rockstar! Give yourself some grace this week. You got this!


– The REME Team