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How to Keep Your Summer Glow

There are endless things to love about the fall. Crisp weather. Layered fashion. Pumpkin Spice everything. Being able to spend more time cuddled up under blankets. Fall is delicious. But, we won’t lie; we’re going to miss summer. As our nights get chillier, days get shorter and our regular life overshadows our vacation time—there is one thing we don’t have to give up from the hotter months: that natural summer glow. That’s right. There’s a way to keep your skin nice and sun-kissed in spite of the sun’s early bedtime.

Glowing from the inside out seems to be easier in peak summer months simply because our quality of life is different. Our bodies ask for more of what we need regularly when the earth heats up and we oblige them without a second thought. Let’s start with diet. During the summer solstice, we can be seen eating hydrating fruits like watermelon, cherries, grapes and strawberries by the pound. These hot day staples fuel your body with antioxidants (promoting healthy sleep! hello, well-rested glow!), lycopene, amino acids and high levels of Vitamin C to treat skin from the inside out and give you that enviable dew. So how can we keep these things flowing when the aforementioned are no longer in season? Meet the fall skin all-stars: tomatoes, salmon, carrots and, (drum roll please!!!) DARK CHOCOLATE. These foods can all pick up where the summer fruits left off in infusing your body with the perfect nutrients to keep your skin aglow. And don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. With reduced sweat, you may think you don’t need to drink as much water but if you’ve read anything that we’ve written before—you should know better. Jazz up your water with fresh lemon, cucumber and mint to give it depth and make it fun. When it comes to water, too much is never enough.

The other key component to our summer glow is rest. Our stress levels are lower, we’re spending more time doing the things we love with the people we love and our work schedules are simpler. So, it’s no surprise that we just look better in the hotter months. Well, not anymore. This year, we’re making summer a lifestyle. Use your weekends to reconnect with friends (an adult sleepover with wine and nostalgic movies comes to mind!), reduce stress with yoga at your local studio a few times a week and make time for a full night’s rest. Burnout tends to be how we discipline ourselves for the fun we had over the summer and it’s totally counterproductive. We work ourselves to the bone and barely stumble into the holiday season in one piece. No wonder our skin is dull. Pencil in an after-work hang or a pre-work hike with friends. Use your lunchtime to grab a REME massage that can happen right in your office. Prioritize moments that are just for you. And only stay up late if you’re having the time of your life.

This fall, serve a glow that will make summer jealous! Just dew it.


– The REME Team