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How a Productive Sunday Can Make The Rest of The Week a Breeze

We know you. You’re the woman who makes everyday look like a breeze as you fabulously move from M-F without missing a beat. You show up for the meetings that could have been emails. You wake up early to squeeze in that Pilates class before the conference call. You stay late to finish that last work requirement (because you know who never quite carries his end of the bargain—seriously, where’s your raise?!). You go the extra mile—even in your stilettos. And after balancing the world on your shoulders all week, you need your weekend to be all about you.


We get it.


You jam pack your weekends with things that make you feel like you again—Netflix cuddle time, boozy brunch with friends (long live bottomless mimosas!), playdates with the kiddos—and the woes of the work week slowly melt away. Then Sunday night arrives, the “oh-my-God-how-is-tomorrow-Monday-ALREADY?!” fear kicks in and all the peace you’ve found disappears as you scramble to get things in order for the week. Girlfriend, it happens to the best of us.


But what if we told you there was a way to make your week a little less daunting and a lot more inspiring?


Get into the deets…


Recharge and Refuel with a Healthy Meal

We all love “Sunday Funday” but alcohol and greasy foods can leave you dehydrated and sluggish for that first day back at the office. Utilize your extra time on Sunday to plan and prepare healthy meals to avoid starting off the week in a food coma. Not only will meal planning help you feel better, you’ll also save money during the week by not eating out! Use it to buy that dress you’ve kept in the shopping cart on your favorite online store for weeks! Mmmhmmm—we know about that dress. It’ll look great on you 😉


Make Time for Your Passions in Life

Listen, we all spend an innumerable amount of time doing things that other people want us to do. So as necessary as it may seem to spend all of your weekend time on family and friend commitments—don’t forget to make time for what YOU want to do. Whether it’s going on a hike, taking a dance class or going to the dog park with your four legged friend, do something you love that aligns with your core values. You can even do NOTHING AT ALL because sometimes—nothing is more than enough.  


Recalibrate Your Sleep Schedule

Not getting enough sleep over the weekend is the gateway to grogginess for the five days that follow. Avoid the dark under-eye circles and double espresso shots on Monday morning by getting quality sleep. Having trouble sleeping? That’s where massage comes in. It’s common for physical tension to manifest into mental stress, which has a severe impact on our ability to catch winks. After everything that you do—don’t hesitate to reward yourself with self-care. We even know someone who will bring the massage straight to your door *AHEM*…it’s us, we mean…us.


Organize, organize, organize

Here’s the thing—physical clutter turns into emotional clutter. Fold the clean clothes, get rid of the expired food, trash the junk mail (even in your e-mail inbox) and sort out the important documents.

Bonus points: lay out Monday’s outfit Sunday night to save time that morning!


Restore Your Mind, Body, and Soul with a REME Massage or Stretch Therapy Session

Some call it selfish, we call it self love. The stress and tension you accumulate during the week doesn’t just disappear on its own. Recognize when the weight of the world is getting a bit heavy on your shoulders (literally) and take care of it through a custom REME experience. Invite over a REME Expert (AKA your new BFF) by booking a massage or stretch therapy session and letting them work out all your problem areas. They won’t be able to stop your co-workers from warming up their fish leftovers in the break room but they will help you float through your week with ease.


Hope this helps! Have a great week!


– The REME Team