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Building Team Morale As A Lady Boss

Yep, we’re leaning in. Being a lady boss is nothing new. From households to boardrooms, women get the job done. We do it all. But somehow there seems to be a separate set of rules for women in charge. You have to dress a certain way. Wear your hair like this and not like that. Even lead in a way that makes boss the only b-word associated with your reputation. *ahem* So how can you keep the dollars coming in and the employees from walking out? Here are our suggestions for building team morale as a lady boss.


Team Work Makes The Dream Work…

…so make sure they know you know this. Get back to the basics: a please + a thank you can take the edge off of even the harshest critique. Nothing works without your employees and it’s vital that they feel like they’re part of something special—not “a part” of something that would be just fine without them. So whether your domain is an office with a view or a home with a wrap-around porch, make it about the collective—no one likes a dictatorship, Queen.


Acknowledgment and Appreciation

It’s 100% ok to expect greatness from your team; it’s 1000% not ok to never acknowledge that greatness. Listen, being an ice princess only works in Disney movies. It doesn’t matter how much money your employees are making nothing will go farther than you showing your appreciation for the time, efforts and energy they give to help you reach your bottom line. Highlighting the “rights” more than you highlight the wrongs will give your team the confidence to try new things, make them want to work harder and keep them from stealing your hair to make voodoo dolls in your likeness. Company emails are a great way to shine the spotlight on a person or group of people who have really stepped up to the plate—healthy competition in the professional world never hurt anyone.


Be Fair But Not Always Nice

On the flip side, we as women can sometimes suffer from being so afraid to be labeled as “mean” that we overcompensate by being so nice that our teams don’t respect us. Look, we’re not here to be best friends—-we’re here to get the job done. You can create a safe, functional and great working environment without bending on the rules you’ve set in place to get results. You can always be fair. You can always treat every person with respect. But you may not always get to be nice…and that’s ok.


Balance Before Burnout

This is as important for you as it is for your employees. Know when to say…when. If there is a huge project that calls for extra hours, heavy workloads and an increase in meeting time—try your best to schedule something easy for immediately after. Use your least busy months to incorporate fun team-building exercises like off-site get-togethers, meetings outdoors maybe even a quick getaway for everyone in the office. Anything that allows you to reset as a team, gives you space to acknowledge the work that has been done and lets your team see you as what you are—a human being just like them—is going to help ease the strain of the more stressful times. Let your hair down a bit, they’re already super impressed by how you run the show—so taking a moment to let them know you have a sense of humor or a weird hidden talent will just make the bond stronger. Need an idea of what to do? REME can help! Give the gift of massage to your hard-working team to keep burnout at bay. Choose from 60, 75 and 90 min sessions to help your employees relax and ultimately be more productive. REME also offers corporate discounts, where our Experts come to the office once a month to provide massage or stretch to employees.


We know it can be hard balancing the world on those perfect shoulders (especially in those shoes…*3 snaps in a circle*) but you were born for this. You’re a WOMAN. You’re a leader but the days of leading with an iron fist are long gone. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. So don’t forget to show a little compassion, give out a few high-fives and make your workplace more than just business as usual.



– The REME Team